Chrome HSE & Regulatory Updates (available for ICDA Members only)
Latest information on HSE achievements & global legislation for the chrome industry.
icda-chrome-regulatory-update-14- No.14 - Chrome HSE & Regulatory update - 18th November 2016pdf
- News from our Regional HSE Committees
- ICDA Recognition for Dr Juha Ylimaunu
- Dr Markku Huvinen, Honorary HSE Member
- Safety First
- Social Corporate Responsability Project
- Cobalt concentration limit
- Critical Raw Materials



hse 13No.13 - HSE Special release: Safety Milestone for Siyanda Chrome Investments - 06th April 2016pdf

"We are pleased to announce that our Member Siyanda Chrome Investments/Masa Chrome reported a 7-year total injury free or 2555 injury free days on 28th February 2016.
We hope they will stand for an ICDA Safety Award in the future and in the meantime I had the chance to interview Mr Vincent Medupe, Safety Officer at Siyanda...."



hse 12No.12 - Cause-Specific Mortality in Finnish Ferrochromium and Stainless Steel Production Workers - 23rd February 2016pdf
"Occupational Medicine published by Oxford University Press has published an article based on a long follow-up and epidemiological analysis by Dr M. Huvinen, former Outokumpu Chief Medical Officer, and Dr E.Pukkala from Finnish Cancer Registry, Institute for Statistical and Epidemiological Cancer Research and School of Health Sciences, University of Tampere...."



icda-chrome-regulatory-update-11 No.11 - First Time! Chrome Industry Safety Awards - 23rd November 2015pdf
"The Chromium 2015 conference offered an excellent opportunity to celebrate the first safety awards of the chromium industry history. We wish it will mark the beginning of a long series of safety achievements recognition and encourage companies to surpass their safety performances!..."


icda-chrome-regulatory-update-10 No.10 - Learn about Turkey REACh, what is KKDIK? - 25th August 2015pdf
"Background to understand KKDIK
Since December 2008 the Inventory and Control of Chemicals regulation has been published in Turkey and entered into force on 1st January 2009.
This regulation considered as a Turkey version of REACh was requiring the notification of new and existing substances to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry..."


icda-chrome-regulatory-update-9 No.9 - 15th April 2015pdf
- India revamped HSE subcommittee first meeting
- Tata Steel received national safety award
- Ferrochrome slag recycling project : call for samples
- K.REACh: First batch released, chrome substances listed
- General Material Safety Data Sheets updated


icda-chrome-regulatory-update-8No.8 - Update China GHS and K-REACH - 20th November 2014pdf Update on latest major regulations in China and Korea:- China adopting UN GHS revision 4 since 1st November 2014
- K-REACH first batch release on 31st October 2014
- Chrome-related substances listed in K-REACH first batch
icda-special-release-environmental-award-resultsNo.7 - Special Release - Environmental Awards Results - 14th November 2014pdf "ICDA Environmental Awards in New Delhi - 5th November 2014A Gala evening for awarding the companies which have participated in the environmental achievements brochure project and a first-time for the chrome industry and ICDA.Members of ICDA previously voted online for their preferred project."
icda-chrome-regulatory-update-6No.6 - 15th October 2014pdf "ICDA Environmental Award: the vote is open until 17th October 2014 The Environmental Achievements brochure has been finalised and Members have been invited to vote for their favourite green initiative as per 6 categories covering corporate and social responsibility, waste management as well as water and energy respectively, rehabilitation and technology.Results of this vote will be made public at the ICDA environmental awards ceremony in New Delhi on 5th November 2014, a first time for the chrome industry!"
Cancer-Incidence-among-Finnish-FeCr-and-Stainless-Production-Workers No.5 - Special Release - 15th October 2014pdf "British Medical Journal has published an article by Outokumpu’s Chief Medical Officer Markku Huvinen. The article is based on his 30-year study and reports its findings on cancer incidence among ferrochrome and stainless steel production workers in Kemi and Tornio, Finland. The study shows that there is no added risk of cancer to individuals working in steel mills and living nearby."
REACH-Europe-Progress-Report-07-07-2014No.4 - 7th July 2014pdf "The EU REACH 1907/2006/EC was adopted on 18th December 2006, and went into effect on 1st June 2007. This product safety legislation places the responsibility on industry to demonstrate via submission of relevant Chemical Safety Assessments (CSAs) that the products placed on the market are safe for intended uses.(...)"
icda-special-release-k-reachNo.3 - 4th April 2014pdf "What is K-REACH?
The Act on Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals of Korea or K-REACH was passed on 30th April, 2013. It is regarded as the first European REACH-style chemical regulation adopted in an Asian country.(...)"
icda-chrome-regulatory-update-2No.2 - 26th March 2014pdf "Foreword For this second ICDA Regulatory Update, we have focused on topics of interest for our Members and for which we are currently receiving enquiries. The ICDA has put all these issues in the agenda of its HSE subcommittees and will ensure compliance and clear guidance is provided.(...)"
icda-chrome-regulatory-update-1No.1 - 25th September 2014pdf "Introduction
Early 2011 the ICDA changed dramatically its strategy to address HSE and regulatory issues by forming 4 subcommittees dedicated to specific geographic areas: China, Europe, India and Southern Africa. We believe that local relevance is the key for global success. These groups allow local experts to discuss issues at their level and implement tools and solution, with the help and support of ICDA, to provide the answer or simply to share best practices and knowledge.(...)"

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