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Creamer-media-nov-10-2017-On-The-AirOn-The-Air (10/11/2017) pdf 

"Every Friday morning, SAfm’s AMLive’s radio anchor Sakina Kamwendo speaks to Martin Creamer, publishing editor of Engineering News and Mining Weekly. Reported here is this Friday’s At the Coalface transcript..."

Creamer-media-Nov-10-South-Africa-crucial-to-global-chrome-supply-Chromium-2017-hearsSouth Africa crucial to global chrome supply, Chromium 2017 hears pdf  "South Africa is an irreplaceable global supplier of chrome ore and ferrochrome, which is, in turn, an irreplaceable component of China-dominated stainless steel production, global delegates to last week’s well-attended Chromium 2017 conference heard..."
creamer-media-nov-9-2017-videoSouth Africa hosts the 33rd Chromium Conference  
"The 33rd Chromium Conference took place in Johannesburg this week with a record number of 260 delegates from across the world. Mining Weekly editor Martin Creamer speaks to Creamer Media's Sashnee Moodley about the headlines from the event."
Creamer-media-nov-8-2017-Zimbabwe-invites-investment-in-underground-chrome-miningZimbabwe invites investment in undergroud chrome mining pdf  "Zimbabwe on Wednesday invited chrome mining investors to focus on underground chromium operations rather than cheaper strip mining operations, from which most of the country’s chromium ore is currently extracted..."
Mining-Weekly-2-8-December-Article-Rethink-RequiredRethink Required pdf 
source: Mining Weekly - December 2-8, 2016
"Companies need to rethink their position on China and change their mindsets to better understand this crucial market for the mining industry to plan a successful strategy, according to strategic market intelligence firm China Market Research Group MD Shaun Rein..."

Mining-weekly-November-2016-Article-Chromium-Jamboree-ICDAChromium Jamboree pdf  
source: Mining Weekly - November 4-10, 2016

"The International Chromium Development Association (ICDA) will be  hosting the Chromium 2016 conference in Shanghai, China, from November 8 to 10, where presenters will provide insights into the current state of the sector and its future prospects..."

Mining-weekly-South-Africa-chrome industry-21-october-2016
South Africa chrome industry well placed to 'grow and prosper' pdf  
source: Mining Weekly- October 21, 2016

"South Africa’s relatively easy to mine chromium reserves, combined with the current deficit in the chromium market as well as the expected increase in global stainless steel consumption, has ensured that the country’s chrome sector has every opportunity to grow and prosper, says the International Chromium Development Association (ICDA)..."

Mining engineering-July 2016-Article-Loïc Racon-ICDAWas there an impact ot the difficult global economy on the chromium industry in 2015? pdf  
source: Mining Engineering  - July 2016

"South Africa and Zimbabwe account for around 85 percent (respectively, 73 percent and 12 percent) if the chrome resources, followed by Kazakhstan (5 percent)..."

MINING WEEKLY 20  26 May Chrome, ferrochrome output dipped in 2015 as sector went through difficult phasepdf  
source: MINING WEEKLY  - May 20-26, 2016
"Chrome ore and ferrochrome global output decreased marginally in 2015, which is a clear indication that the industry is going through a tough phase, with some major players facing financial difficulty..."

tv-albaniaICDA Members' Meeting 2016 - Event television coverage 
source: Report TV Albania - April 2016

Albania Daily News April 2016Govt discussing new set of measures aimed at supporting mining industrypdf  
source: Albania Daily News - April 2016
"TIRANA - "ICDA Members' Meeting" the forum of enterprise and mining industry took place on Wednesday in Tirana, with the participation of representatives of the largest chrome and ferrochrome companies in the world..."

HSE Mining Weekly april 2016Chromite recovery firm reports injury-free milestonepdf  
source: MINING WEEKLY  - April 29–May 5, 2016
"SOUTH African chromite recovery business Masa Chrome Company reported achieving seven years of total injury-free shifts, which equates to 2 555 injury-free days, on February 28..."

ICDA-MMR-June-2015 2014, a record year for ferrochrome onlypdf
Author: Loïc Racon, ICDA Market Reseach Analyst (source: Minerals & Metals Review, June 2015)
"Out of the four main types of chrome ore, the most prominent one is the metallurgical grade which is smelted to produce ferrochrome and accounted for 96.5% of the 2014 global chrome ore output..."


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