ICDA welcomes CCMA LLC as an associate member

February 2022 | ICDA News

We are delighted to announce that CCMA LLC, a New York based trading company, has joined ICDA as an associate member.

On joining ICDA CCMA LLC said:

“Joining ICDA is a critical step for CCMA LLC to be able to provide our producer partners and end client real time market updates. We welcome the opportunity to be able to communicate more with all members of this organisation.”

CCMA LLC is a Buffalo, NY based trading company, expertly bringing metallurgical materials to where they are needed most with a tailored client-focused approach. Our proficiency is the culmination of centuries of experience in the field, working with producer partners and end consumers to realize their mission and full potential. We serve an essential function, bringing metals to market with the fewest possible layers while ensure what matters most to our clients, security of supply.

Find out more about CCMA LLC at www.ccmallc.com.