Eric Waldmann (Elementis Chromium) steps down from the Chrome Chemicals Committee and ICDA Council

February 2023 | ICDA News, News

We sincerely thank Eric Waldmann for his commitment as a Council member and key person of the Chrome Chemicals Committee.

Eric Waldmann has been with Elementis Chromium since 2007 and with ICDA for more than a decade, representing Elementis Chromium on the ICDA Council and on the Chrome Chemicals and Metals Committee established in 2013.

Eric has been involved in the activities of the association, with the aim of developing the ICDA and promoting best practice across the industry. He was actively involved in establishing a strategic plan for the ICDA Chrome Chemicals and Metals Committee and was one of the driving forces behind the Responsible Chromium programme, which has become a highlight of the ICDA membership and a valuable service to ICDA members.