Benefits of joining the ICDA

There are numerous benefits in joining the ICDA. From being part of a world-renowned community to receiving essential market information and contributing to the sustainable development of the chromium industries.

By becoming a member, through your annual contribution, you support the actions taken by the ICDA for the promotion and protection of chromium applications and markets.

Your membership will give you multiple services from weekly, quarterly and annual market reports and figures, regulatory updates, access to workshop, conference paper, industry directory and networking opportunities.

The ICDA is a member-managed organisation and this means building the future of chromium together. 

Ordinary membership benefits
(Producers and processors of chrome-containing material, stainless steel) - 7984 €

Associate membership benefits
(Trading companies) - 6442 €

Affiliate membership benefits
(End-users, service providers, academia, governments associations, researchers) - 2605 €

What motivated these companies to join?