HSE & Sustainability


The HSE committee exists to translate the expectations and accountabilities that arise from the health and environmental drivers into appropriate collective action by the chromium industry. Sound health, safety and environmental performance is seen as a critical success factor. Society increasingly demands information on product safety, covering all stages of their life cycle. Committee philosophy is straight forward as some risks to health and the environment may potentially exist at all stages of production and use of chromium-containing products.

- We must carry out assessments to identify and understand these risks;
- We must undertake voluntary risk management action if unacceptable risk is identified; and
- We must demonstrate to stakeholders that risks associated with our activities are manageable and are managed effectively.

The HSE activities are organised on a regional basis in order to be the most relevant in terms of local issues and assist our industry proactively. These groups are composed of specialists in occupational health and safety, epidemiology, industrial hygiene, environmental science and toxicology. All of these experts having the same goal, striving for a sustainable chromium industry.

Dr. Juha Ylimaunu, - Outokumpu (Finland)