Environmental, Social and Governance

Dirk Rademacher

Message from General Chair

ESG is not a job for someone alone – everything can only be done in a team. We will do everything we can to continue in the path of my predecessors who successfully started and developed the health, safety and environment activities in the ICDA. Their work has created a solid foundation that allows us to embrace the concept of ESG.

ESG encompasses the HSE dimension, a key milestone is now being reached as we are adding the social and governance topics to our goals.

Dirk Radermacher, Afarak Elektrowerk Weisweiler GmbH (Germany)
General Chair, Environmental, Social and Governance Committee

General and Regional Chairs

Jessy Moloto

Glencore Operations

South Africa

Annelie Papadopoulos

Vargon Alloys


Dirk Radermacher

Afarak Elektrowerk Weisweiler GmbH


Pankaj Kumar Satija

Tata Steel Mining Ltd