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Who we are

ICDA is a non-profit association, headquartered in Paris, that promotes the value and sustainability of chromium and represents the chromium industry worldwide, through communication, forums and R&D projects.

Our membership

With a global membership across the chromium value chain, we are the authoritative voice of the industry involved with chromium in all its forms.

We encourage best practice and promote sustainable uses of chromium, uniting the industry around the common goal of continuous improvement. We bring together committed people, organisations and knowledge for the advancement of our members across the chromium value chain.

What we do

ICDA offers the chromium industry a wide range of specialist services, including market research studies, scientific and socio-economic reports and market development support. We work with leading experts and provide unrivalled networking opportunities through various annual workshops and conferences. The ICDA is committed to supporting the industry in reducing its environmental footprint and to reach carbon neutrality.

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Our mission & values

In 1984, eight founding members from the chromium industry in South Africa, India, the Philippines, Spain, Sweden and Greece became convinced that there was a need for cooperation in an uncertain world. They had a vision of an association which would help the industry to develop sustainably.

Our mission is to create a network of responsible companies committed to reducing their impacts whilst providing essential raw materials for the development of sustainable societies.

ICDA is an industry community united by strong values including antitrust compliance, high ethical standards and the continual drive to improve our practices.

How we ensure fairness

ICDA adheres to strict antitrust rules and ensures these rules are enforced within the framework of all activities without exception. The ICDA antitrust policy is legally prepared and enforced. It is constantly reviewed in light of global antitrust legislation developments. An antitrust lawyer attends ICDA conferences to ensure compliance with the policy.

ICDA employees and members are committed to the ICDA Code of Conduct which sets out the principles and ethical values which the ICDA follows in all its activities. Its observance is required by all members.

Speak Up for a responsible chromium industry

Our Antitrust Rules, Code of Conduct, By-laws and Responsible Chromium principles set the tone for how ICDA members and the chromium industry conduct their business globally.

Our SpeakUp reporting system enables anyone in the industry to report malpractice anonymously. By using it we help protect our values:

  • Safe processes and best practices
  • Ethical treatment of people and communities
  • No child labour and no modern slavery
  • Limiting the environmental impact and safeguarding the environment
  • Fighting corruption

Report malpractice

You can now freely report any malpractice in your language, any time of the day, by leaving an anonymous voice or text message on SpeakUp or by contacting the ICDA Secretariat.

Our structure

The ICDA Council is comprised of elected members that represent a spread of geographical regions and chrome industry sectors. The Council oversees the work of the ICDA team and provides strategic guidance.

The ICDA Management Committee is composed of dedicated Council members and works hand-in-hand with the ICDA team to ensure the Association’s strategic objectives are met. The Management Committee is also in charge of monitoring the sound financial administration of the organisation. Our standing committees, made up of member company representatives, cover areas that are critical for the ICDA and chromium industry.

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