Mission & values

Caring for people and the planet

The ICDA is proactive with regards to the impact of the industry’s processes, products and services on people and the environment. Regulatory compliance and responsible production – including the use and recycling of chromium in all its forms – are key to the Association’s sustainability roadmap. The chrome industry is committed to the goal of a healthy, injury and illness-free workplace. The ICDA aims to set the benchmark in health and safety, and provide up-to-date information on these matters as well as actively promoting an ethical, safe and sustainable chromium industry.

Developing the market

Chromium is never used alone, but always as an ingredient in other products. The ICDA therefore establishes marketing partnerships with industry bodies that promote new applications for chrome. In this way, the ICDA sustains existing and emerging markets by cooperating in dedicated projects and promoting networking. Since some 90% of the use of chrome ore is in stainless and alloyed steels, the ICDA’s partners are primarily steel development associations around the world. Partners also include bodies representing other uses of chromium such as leather tanning and surface treatment associations.

Sharing scientific and technical information

The Association keeps a watching brief on regulatory issues and on the advantages of new technological processes. It provides risk and hazard assessment information, reviews of data by independent organisations and consistent responses to HSE issues. The ICDA succeeded in establishing the EU REACH Consortia and funded and monitored studies that were critical to the industry for REACH dossiers.

Serving its members

As the voice of the chrome industry, the ICDA organises international seminars and annual conferences, with prominent speakers, global industry overviews, profiles of national industries and a forum for exchange and networking. Collecting and disseminating global production data, trade movements and the latest industry news, the ICDA publishes weekly market updates, an annual statistical bulletin that is considered a reference document, quarterly market analysis, expert interviews and market research publications.

Providing benchmark knowledge

The information and experience amassed by the ICDA, its members and its working groups, in terms of statistics, regulations, standardisation, production, clean technologies etc… have established numerous benchmarks. The results of these studies and many others are freely available to members. Access to this industry knowledge is of immeasurable value, especially to a new member or an emerging country in need of authoritative guidance and information on matters concerning chrome.

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