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Member company representatives are at the heart of the ICDA structure. The ICDA Council, composed of elected members that represent a spread of geographical regions and chrome industry sectors, defines the strategy of the Association. Our Management Committee oversees the implementation of the strategy by the ICDA team for the benefit of members and the industry, while standing committees, made up of member company representatives, cover areas that are critical for the ICDA and chromium industry. The General Assembly is in charge of voting on important and strategic decisions for the Association.


The ICDA team, located in Paris and China, implements the Association’s strategy and manages day-to-day operations and member liaison activity.


ICDA’s strategy and activities are defined by the Council. Elected members represent a spread of geographical regions and chrome industry sectors.


The Management Committee oversees the implementation of the Association’s strategy and its implementation by the ICDA team. The committee provides helpful guidance to the ICDA Council to support decisions.


Standing committees oversee critical areas of activity. Each specialist committee, comprised of member company representatives, coordinates the delivery of topic-specific strategy, projects and outcomes for members.

Environmental, Social and Governance

The ESG Committee creates, and oversees the implementation of, the chromium industry sustainability roadmap. It is a forum for research, sharing best practice and regulatory compliance.


The Market Research Committee provides expert support to the ICDA analyst and selects appropriate market research thematic areas in line with topical issues.


The Market Development Committee promotes the uses of chromium in all its forms, including sustainable and innovative uses.


The Communications Committee oversees ICDA’s communication strategy and ensures ICDA is well represented in countries which have chrome-related activities.


The Chrome Chemicals and Metals Committee supports the development of existing and new uses for chromium chemicals and metal, as well as promoting industry best practice.


The China Committee supports Chinese members by providing a forum to disseminate industry best practice and to discuss market intelligence and market development ideas.


Globally, ICDA has created a world-renowned chrome community that has over a hundred members from right across the value chain.

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