Sustainability Awards

Chrome Industry Sustainability Awards Year 2023

Awards ceremony  in Munich, Germany – 17 May 2023

Award categories

We have made sustainability and ESG a key focus of ICDA’s activities over the years. We are proud of our members’ growing awareness and the number of valuable initiatives they have developed.

With the establishment of these Sustainability Awards, ICDA wants to recognise those who go above and beyond the standard requirements and encourage further companies to follow their example.

This prominent competition is open to any ICDA member in good standing who has achieved significant environmental, social, or governance contributions.


Companies that have made significant improvements in environmental and biodiversity protection, climate change mitigation and energy efficiency.


Companies that have made significant improvements in the area of employee and community well-being including minorities and human rights and gender equality.


Companies that have implemented significant measures in the areas of transparency and anti-corruption.

Competition entrants

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We received 16 case studies from ICDA members, all featuring extremely valuable initiatives.

These downloadable case studies are presented by Environmental, Social and Governance category and by company in alphabetical order.

Sustainability Awards winners

The competition was judged by a Members online vote and a Jury composed of ICDA ESG Committee delegate and ICDA President.
Download interviews with each of the winning companies below plus a summary of the winning entries.

Our winners and sponsor from left to right:

  • Andrey Seliverstov (ERG Kazchrome)
  • Colette Sellers (AMG Chrome)
  • Amanda Magro and Jessy Moloto (Glencore Ferroalloys)
  • Yasar Ozdirek and Elif Ozturk (Eti Krom Yildirim Group)
  • Diana Gonzalez Yamuni (TELF AG, Sustainability Sponsor)
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Al Tamman Indsil Ferrochrome

Environment: Built the Sultanate of Oman’s first metallurgical plant with independent solar power plant.

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Eti Krom – Yildirim Group

Environment: Built a solar energy power plant to partially meet the electricity need of the facility from renewable energy sources.

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ERG Kazchrome

Governance: Establishment of a Sustainable Supplier Award.

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AMG Chrome

Social: Established a mental health programme for their employees.

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Glencore Alloys

Social: Supporting the realisation of women’s right for equal future.

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Summary of results

Download a summary of the winning entries.

“Sustainability is no longer an option but a necessity. We cannot afford to continue with business as usual”.
Diana Gonzalez Yamuni

Head of Sustainability, TELF AG

“Recycle wastes, by-products to achieve circular economy.”

Melwyn Lobo

Al Tamman Indsil Ferrochrome

“Establish contacts with organisations who may be able to help. The ICDA is a classic example of an industry body with a superb ESG sub-committee.”
Colette Sellers

AMG Chrome

“Take action right now for activities that can make a big impact with a small effort, and work fine and consider every detail for complex movement.”
Cemal Utku Yakar

Yildirim Group of Companies

“The journey is much smoother when ESG is entrenched in the company DNA.”
Jessy Moloto

Glencore Operations South Africa

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sustainability issues are global, and there are many organisations and initiatives, and ICDA is among them, who can support you by providing advice and recommending tool that make ESG compliance easier to achieve.”
Galina Donnik

ERG Kazchrome