Membership process - Apply

Any company having an interest in chromium could apply for an ICDA Membership.

There are currently 3 categories of membership, namely, Ordinary, Associate and Affiliate.

Ordinary: for producer and processor of chrome containing products and steel producers.

Associate: for trading companies.

Affiliate: for end-user (except steel), service providers, academia, researcher and governments.

To join the ICDA Membership you need first of all to adhere to ICDA by-laws and Code of Conduct.

Fill online the membership form corresponding to your category (ICDA reserving the right to review and apply the suitable category if necessary) as well as the questionnaire.

Print these documents and have your membership application signed and stamped by two current Ordinary Members of the ICDA (should you need any assistance for the signature, the ICDA can assist)

Return your application and questionnaire duly filled to the ICDA for then circulation to the ICDA Council that will have the duty to adjudicate on your membership.