Launch of the ICDA ESG Committee

December 2022 | ICDA News, Sustainability

We are pleased to announce the launch of the ICDA ESG committee. It is the logical continuation of the previous HSE committee as we have decided to integrate the social and governance dimensions with the health, safety and environment components.

The ESG committee will design and oversee the implementation of the chromium industry sustainability roadmap, it remains a forum for scientific research, sharing best practice and regulatory compliance.

We are planning to establish several working groups as part of this committee to work on different areas, namely: Environment, health and safety, social and governance.

This multidimensional approach will enable us to address all key issues on our path to sustainability.

We would welcome volunteers from Member companies to be involved in the selection of projects for the benefits of the chromium industry, should you want to be part of the ICDA ESG Committee please sign up here, the ICDA Team will contact you back shortly.